Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Patrick O'Sullivan - Oilers support HM

A little birdie told me that St. Patrick went pink for a day. I owe a lot of this to my friend Hilary.
Yesterday we pinked Edmonton Oiler Patrick O'Sullivan. Had the honour of slappin the bleach and Kali Pink on him while using the opportunity to familiarize him with our crazy event. Now... when I say slappin - I'm not kidding. There was 35 minutes to get this man bleached, rinsed and pinked before the press conference. Yikes! I figured at the speed that brush was going that someone (or someone's lense) was going to be in proximity to a flying splotch... I was lucky. Especially not Nicki's lens....
Patrick was very nice, quite humble and I think moved by our event.
I gotta admit, we have dreamt about Oiler involvement for several years now. Last year Ethan Moreau and Ales Hemsky shaved, now we have a pink Patrick!!! How sweet is that!
We had 3 cancer kids there that day - Tory, Dusty, and Kali. Both Kali and Tory delivered moving speeches that made lumps in throats and water in eyes.
I gave these 2 girls a few days to prepare a speech for this day, and honestly did not expect what they each delivered. Kali in particular - the child of one word sentences (when speaking with media) pulled this off. I have included this in the next blog. I know she's gonna kill me for posting this, but I am feeling mighty proud. Dr. Basch (our researcher) fell victim to my brush, as he did last year at the CISN studio (pinking with Mike). I adore this man, not only because of his outstanding personality, but for his efforts in the lab (his lab) that Hair Massacure funds. We received our 3rd invite to tour the lab again in the near future. I can't wait to show Nicki!! Even with my medical background this stuff is so over my head. It's no question they are doing great work out there.
Nicki, of course handled all of the set up so that I was free to nab Tory from school and take her out for lunch on her birthday before the media stuff. (Did I mention she is wonderful and I have finally stopped firing her).
We decided to enjoy some fine dining at Rotton Ronnies at Namoa (kidding Jaime....). Actually - I do enjoy McD's. Can't beat an Angus burger!! It was especially neat seeing the 2 entire walls covered with Kali Bears. Kali still to humble to get any of this - whether it be her face in the pepers, radio or tube it's just everyday life for her. As for me - another bottle of wine and a much needed acupuncture treatment just to get my head around the action within this event.
I struggle sometimes with these little miraculous progressions. It just seems like a lot to process. Who would have thought.....



    Thanks so much for everyone who helped this event turn out as it did! Special thanks to all those that got pinked - including Patrick!

  2. And to Nicki who is so wonderful I am installing a chip in your arm so you will not get away.
    Thank you for arriving early to set up, walking me through the parking, FINDING me in the parking lot, tending to everyones needs, taking pictures, helping me prepare for the day and allllllllllll the rest!